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The Camp Hill Presbyterian Church Preschool

Preschool Office: (717) 761-6003
Director:  Dana Tarnoci

CHPC Preschool Logo

The Camp Hill Presbyterian Church Preschool is a ministry of the church which has proudly served the needs of the Community since 1956. The CHPC Preschool offers developmentally appropriate experiences, encouraging young children's perpetual curiosity, inexhaustible energy, enormous capacity for wonder and readiness to learn. The preschool provides opportunities for all children to enlarge their spheres of relationships, their knowledge of their world and their ability to express themselves. Small classes ensure strong parent-teacher communication while trained educational leaders promote the social, emotional and academic growth of each unique child. Find more information on registration, classes, and services,  at the Preschool Website.

The 2023 Camp Hill Presbyterian Preschool Art Show Gallery

The preschool children and staff have worked hard to create artwork that shows some of the lessons they have worked on throughout the school year. It's just amazing and we wish we could show more. Which ones do you like best?

The Camp Hill Presbyterian Preschool is an important ministry of CHPC.

A Short Video About the Goals of the CHPC Preschool

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