Adult Education Classes

9:00 to 10:00 am every Sunday

Labor Day through Memorial Day


Exegesis: Meets in the Library coordinated by Bill Stout・This class focuses on the analysis and interpretation of scripture. This fall will begin a study of the gospel of Mark.

Bridge Builders: Meets in the Reception Room with Roger Hummel, John Groff and Charlie Appleby leading a discussion-based, thoughtful look at faith messages communicated though mass media and their effect on the post-modem audience.

Women's Bible Study: Meets in Room 17 with Cindy Thompson and Nancy Flint facilitating. The group is currently working through a Bible study called "Jesus: Experiencing His Touch" about Mark 1-6. Please attend whenever you can.

Sunday Book Club: Meets in Quilters and Crafters Room with Mary Simmonds leading. This group was reading A Political History of the Bible in America by Paul D. Hanson, a substantial work that explores the interplay of religion and politics. Part one traces American history back to colonial times and describes the role that biblical tradition played in shaping the history of the USA. They have begun Part Two to study the politics in the Bible from Israel's first polity through the politics of the four gospels and the Acts of the Apostles (twenty chapters).

Men’s Bible Study (Meets year-round): Attention men of the church:  Have you been meaning to start attending Sunday School?  Would you like to be part of a group of men who pray for one another and support one another unconditionally?  Then give the Men's Bible Study Class a try. We are just starting to read a new book, "What Jesus Demands from the World", by John Piper.  This book looks at the commands of Jesus, and His way of showing us who He is and what He expects of us.  They are not harsh demands originating from a selfish desire to control, but rather loving directions for our good and ultimate satisfaction.  We have plenty of copies of the books for you. Please join us this Sunday or any Sunday in Room 10 - the CHPC version of a man cave.   Questions?  Talk with any of the men in the class.  Hope to see you there!

Raising Families in Faith for Christian Parents: Meets in the Gathering Space with Albert Sarvis leading. Through readings and small group discussion this group explores experiences, challenges, and strategies in raising youths within the Christian faith. The class is currently reading and discussing David Kinnaman’s “You Lost Me,” a research-based review of the reasons young Christians leave the church. The class welcomes those of any generation who feel passionately about youth in the church.