Elders and Deacons

A distinctive mark of the Presbyterian Church is that each congregation is governed by ‘presbyters’ or ‘elders.’ The elders have a pastoral responsibility for the care of individuals and responsibility to administer the programs of the church. There are two types: Teaching Elders, who are ordained pastors, and Ruling Elders, who are elected by the local congregation and are also ordained. The Ruling Elders serve three year terms. The Teaching and Ruling Elders together comprise the Session, the governing body of the church. They are assisted by elected and ordained Deacons who lead and participate in ministries of caring and service. (Acts 14-15; 1 Timothy 5; Titus 1; James 5).

Teaching Elder

Rev. Dr. Nancy Conklin,  Head of Staff

Ruling Elders & Ministry Areas

​MINISTRY AREA KEY: CAM - President of the Church Administration Ministry (CAM Member Ministries in BOLD), C - Communications, CE - Christian Education & Nurture, CL - Clerk (Secretary) of the Session, F&M - Fellowship & Membership, M - Mission Outreach, N - Nominating Committee, P&M - Property & Maintenance,       S - Staff Commission, STW - Stewardship, W - Worship & Fine Arts

Class of 2021

Sandy McBride ~ F&M/N

Pam Mitchell ~ W

Rob Shaw ~ M

Karen Taylor ~ CE

Rick Woodard ~ M

Class of 2022

Jeff Heiss ~ C

John Robinson ~ STW

Sue Rothman ~ F&M

Abby Tierney ~ S

Class of 2023

Liesl Beckley ~ N

Cindy Harbert ~ CE

Carol Helsel ~ P&M

William Stout III ~ CAM

Jeff Thompson ~ CE


Class of 2021

E.J. Barben

Tom Beckley

Sharon Fenicle

Lydia Keller

Sherry Stout

John Zazworsky

Laura Zulli

Class of 2022

Ann Ganshaw

Megan Harbert

Lisa Love

Elizabeth Skolnicki

Jason Snyder

Michelle Tate

Linda Zimmerman

Class of 2023

Gavin Davis

Nate Ebeling

Pam Gale

Joe Harner

Aimee Kostukovich

Betsy Ohnstad

Ward Sarvis