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Elders and Deacons

Presbyterian congregations are governed by ‘presbyters’ or ‘elders.’ These leading or "ruling" elders care for individuals and administer the programs of the church. They are members of the congregation elected and ordained to serve three year terms. Teaching Elders, or Pastors, and Ruling Elders together comprise the Session, the governing body of the church.

Deacons are also nominated from among the congregation and are elected and ordained to lead and participate in ministries of caring and service. They also serve for three year terms. (Acts 14-15; 1 Timothy 5; Titus 1; James 5).

Camp Hill Presbyterian Church's Teaching Elders

The Reverend Dr. Nancy Conklin,  Pastor and Head of Staff

The Reverend Donald Potter, Visitation Pastor

The Ruling Elders of Camp Hill Presbyterian Church

and Their Areas of Ministry

"The Session"

Moderator and Intergenerational Ministry and Congregational Care Chair: The Reverend Nancy Conklin

Clerk of Session (Secretary): Joe Harner

Church Treasurer: David Watts

​MINISTRY AREAS KEY: CAM - President of the Church Administration Ministry (CAM Member Ministries are in BOLD, Intergenerational  Ministries Team Members are in BOLD) A - Adult Formation C - Communications,  K - Kirk Families, MEM - Membership & Evangelism, M - Mission Outreach,

N - Nominating Committee, P&M - Property & Maintenance,  S - Staff Commission, STW - Stewardship,

W - Worship & Fine Arts

Class of 2025

Jeffrey Heiss ~ C

Bryan Kostukovich - P&M

John Robinson - S

David Watts - TREASURER

Monica Zazworsky - MEM

Class of 2026

David Getz - CAM

John Groff - N

Joe Harner - CLERK

Carol Heisel - P&M

Jeff Thompson - A

Class of 2027

E. J. Barben - M

Nancy Nilson - K

Sue Rothman - N

Abby Tierney - W

The Board of Deacons of Camp Hill Presbyterian Church

Class of 2025

Susan Ault

Vonny Getz

Peggy Heiss

Lisa Love

Josh Wiedt

Class of 2026

Sandy Bogden

Ann Kalata

Molly McBride

Ann Gray Sarvis

Susan Steele

Class of 2027

Rob Brown

Chris Forbrich

Cathy Snavely

Carol Staz

Cindy Thompson

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