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What is the Community Prayer Project?

As members of Camp Hill Presbyterian Church, we invite you to add your voices to our communal prayers during this time of uncertainty. As part of our role in the community, we’ll lift up all prayers at our weekly prayer fellowship meeting. For each prayer, we will add a ribbon to our prayer tree outside the church, as a sign of our fellowship together.


Why Communal Prayer?

We share many of our thoughts with God in isolation. Through communal prayer, we open our hearts and minds together, verbalizing our concerns and thanksgivings to our loving God. We unite as a community that extends beyond a single church or denomination. Our prayers connect us to others not just in Camp Hill. Through prayer, we take part in a faith tradition that extends across the globe over centuries. 


How do I participate?
  1. List your thanksgivings and prayer concerns in the box below. Give us your name and email address if you would like updates on the Community Prayer Project.

  2. Church members will lift your concerns and thanksgivings through communal prayer weekly.

  3. We will add a ribbon for each prayer we receive to the prayer tree outside Camp Hill Presbyerian Church on 23rd street!

  4. Continue to add your prayer concerns to our communal prayers each week, and check out the growth of our prayer tree as you pass by!


Note: The Community Prayer Project is not a digital method of adding names to the prayer list in the bulletin; it is a separate community initiative. If you have prayer concerns that require a pastor response, please contact the office during normal office hours. Questions about the Community Prayer Project? Email Director of Youth & Christian Education Lindsay Gottwald at

The Community Prayer Project is finished for the summer, but you can read more about it below.

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