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When we first arrived at Bethany Village, in May of 2010, we had not yet set up our personal computers and I needed to reply to an email. I quickly learned that there was a learning lab with personal computers in the west apartments building so I ventured over to that location and met a nonresident woman volunteering to teach computer classes. When I told her of my background in Information systems and personal computers she immediately shook my hand and said, “You are so welcome here. I was looking for someone to take over for me.” I saw her one more time. I was now in charge of the computer classes.

In the 10 years since then I, and a small consortium of volunteers, have provided personal computer, tablet, and phone support throughout the Bethany Village community. It is a blessing to be able to make house calls and solve problems so that residents can Skype with their (grand)children or stay up with current events. That also opened the door to many other opportunities for service.

My next door neighbor was very much involved with campus activities. With his urging I shortly found myself as a committee chair for the (newly formed) IT committee on our residents’ council. That led to becoming a representative on residents’ council, chair of three committees, and ultimately elected treasurer of the residents’ council.

With the blessings of the residents’ council, I chaired a fundraising committee to establish a remembrance garden on the campus of Bethany Village. The garden consists of a long curved brick walkway ending in a labyrinth for walking and contemplating. Individual bricks may be purchased and placed in the brick walkway in memory or honor of loved ones. It has become a recognized quiet place on campus for residents and family members to remember those who have come before us.

That small fund raising effort to opened the path for me to be involved as a co-chair for a capital project to refurbish our community room into a bistro. It was a privilege to be involved with meeting and talking with residents, answering questions, watching the architectural designs come to completion and being a part of the celebration when we had finally realized our financial goals. We can now look forward to a long awaited addition to the east side of our campus.

When we arrived at Bethany Village we were embraced by the friendly and positive attitude of the residents. It seems only national to return thatg gift to the current and future residents as we move forward.

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