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Your Giving Can Help Support M. A. T. E.

   Founded as a cooperative parish to establish Presbyterian churches in Maine in 1953, Mission at the Eastward has been a presence in western Maine for over 60 years. In 2020 MATE completed the process of incorporating as an independent 501c3 charitable organization in order to expand its ministries. MATE remains closely related to the PCUSA and its offices are in the Fairbanks Union PCUSA Church in Farmington, Maine.


   For over 35 years, Camp Hill Presbyterian Church has sent an annual mission team to work with the MATE Housing Ministry. We've provided more than 49,000 hours of volunteer labor over the years to repair and build homes for the rural poor in the western Maine mountains.

   Intergenerational volunteer building repair and rehabilitation crews from Camp Hill Presbyterian Church and other organizations travel to MATE at their own expense. The teams are self-supporting. Services are provided to homeowners unable to make needed repairs at no expense, enabling them to remain in their home safe and secure. The mission is totally dependent on donations given by church members, friends, and maybe even by YOU!

   You can make a donation to support MATE on the DONATE page. Just write "MATE" on the memo line. Your giving is very much appreciated and helps CHPC to serve others both nearby and far away.


To see photos from the 2023 mission trip, please click HERE,

Watch the 2022 mission trip highlight video below.

​​​To learn more about MATE please visit

M.A.T.E. Mission Work
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