Lord’s Prayer Deep Dive

            This Fall, members of all ages at Camp Hill Presbyterian Church embark on a journey to better understand the Lord’s Prayer. Between September 13 and November 1, nurture and worship ministries will offer worship services and Sunday school programs dedicated to this central piece of scripture, verse by verse. 

Each week’s focus will be threaded throughout the sermon at worship, in a post-sermon discussion with Rev. Conklin via Zoom at noon, illustrated through picture books and song in the family service via Zoom at 9 a.m., and discussed using Bible Project videos in a 30-minute interactive Zoom lesson for high school and middle school youth via Zoom at 7 p.m. Please call the office or email Lindsay Gottwald at lgottwald@thechpc.com for links to zoom meetings.

  • Sept. 13 - “Pray then in this Way”

  • Sept. 20 - “Our Father who art in heaven”

  • Sept. 27 -  Rev Conklin on prayer retreat.  Don Potter will lead worship

  • Oct.  4 -     World Communion Sunday - “Thy Kingdom Come”

  • Oct.  11 -   “Give Us This Day our Daily Bread”

  • Oct.  18 -   "Forgives Us Our Debts”

  • Oct.  25 -   “Lead Us Not It Into Temptation”

  • Nov.  1 -      All Saints Sunday -  “For thine is kingdom, and the power and The glory forever. Amen