Rev. Craig Miller will be leading a 5 week series called “The Last Week,” beginning March 10, following the worship service.  There will be a light lunch served (donations encouraged) and then Rev. Miller will be talking about the last week of Jesus’ ministry, from Palm Sunday through Easter. 


Topics will include:


  • Palm Sunday – Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, and the contrast between that “parade” and the parade in which Pilate might have entered the city. Also, when Jesus cleaned out the temple, was that because of the money-changers and corruption, or was there something else taking place here?

  • Confrontation with the authorities – They keep trying to trap Jesus, but Jesus would not permit that.  We’ll look at such themes as the parable of the tenants, the Great Commandment, paying taxes to Caesar, and Jesus’ criticisms of the religious leaders.

  • Maundy Thursday – Just what was happening that night in the upper room?  What was taking place within the minds of the disciples?  How would we react if Jesus were to wash our feet?  This week will also look at the arrest of Jesus.

  • Good Friday – The crucifixion of Jesus was an agonizing and terribly painful death.  What was crucifixion?  Why was it so cruel?  What about those two men crucified with Jesus?  What did it mean when Jesus said, “Into thy hands I commit my spirit?”

  • Easter – Can we understand Easter as even more than Jesus being physically raised from the dead, and the resurrection means more than our getting to heaven?  Why were the disciples so slow to understand what was happening?  And in talking about the resurrection we will also return to the thought of what was happening when Jesus cleaned the temple on that Palm Sunday.


All are invited and encouraged to attend this series.  Invite others to join you!  Enjoy the fellowship with others, and plan to learn a lot! 


We anticipate the lunch beginning around 11:45, and we’ll conclude between 1 to 1:15.  Child care is provided.